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what lies beneath

December 14th, 2009

the only problem with pulling a 16 year old bike to pieces for maintenance is the damage you can find. and damage is what I found when I decided to fully service The Condor yesterday. All of the parts came off smoothly – though the drive side bottom bracket cup resisted enough that I had to get it removed at Brooklyn Bikes. All of the dirt was summarily cleaned away, and you know what…the frame is still is astonishing condition (for its age)

But then I spun the fork.

The headset has become a deadset. It turned as though it was being controlled by index shifters. So, The Condor is down for the count right now which, as long as the weather is either really crappy or really nice, won’t be too much of an issue – if it rains, I’ll be taking the bus or walking, and if it stays as nice as it was today, out comes The Schwinn.

Now I remember why they say ‘let sleeping dogs lie’. Or as Jessica put it, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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