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beauty maligned

December 16th, 2009 Comments off

Pile o' bikes

A couple of months ago, on a godawful drear, wet Saturday, Kenny and I were heading to Mr Cs – him for pedals, me for tires – but had to take a circuitous route due to something about car inspection. So we took a long way round and on the way, passed a fence with this pile of bikes chained to it. As we sped past, something red caught my eye. It was another few weeks before I had a chance to wander by that fence again, and the red thing that had caught my eye was revealed.

Colnago Dream

Wow. A Colnago, just sitting there chained to the fence among the pile of seemingly decrepit mountain bikes. I had no time to stop and give a once over and resolved to come by and look at it more closely, maybe even stick a sign on it asking if it was for sale. Today was the day I revisited.

Today was the day that I was saddened. The frame is a beauty (of course it is – it’s a Colnago) but it’s in such a sad state, scratched (not dented) and everything on it is just falling apart. The headset isn’t even fitted properly. The chain, pedals, lock and some of the components are just rusting away.

Colnago Dream

Someone needs to give this a new home and lovingly restore it to its former glory. Should I be theat person? From what I can tell from researching, it’s a 2000 aluminum (notice, I’m using the American spelling for once) Art Decor Dream. The original fork – I can’t imagine that it would have come stock with something so ugly – is probably long gone. It’d be quite a project. But it would be a worthwhile one.

And much easier to work on if I had the money…

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