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December 15th, 2009 Comments off

It’s really good to be back in touch with my friend Davis. We shared a house for a good few years and worked together on the Town & Country Club crew when I wasn’t off touring…we shared a lust for Le Tour, for Twin Peaks, for The Pixies Husker Du The Buzzcocks The Blue Nile and more besides. And we loved our bikes.

Anyway, I was enjoying being back in touch with him until he sent me this
Davis Wilkie Eddy Merckx

Now I’m just teed off and, yes, jealous as all hell. As he wrote, “Had a day off in Brussels and got [girlfriend] to google where his factory was and rode the 10 or so miles out there. It was a Sunday so, I would have been happy with just a shot of the outside but, when I got there, the door was open, I went in and there was the great man himself, I was totally speechless, just got out my camera and he obliged. Got back outside and cried like a wean.”

Davis, never did like you.

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The Condor

December 10th, 2009 Comments off

1992 Condor, Reynolds 531c

This is my long haul bike – It’s been with me for the last 16 years and has relocated from Holloway, North London, to NYC, the Brooklyn. It’s survived so much – this even was left behind when some b*stard stole my Trek XO-1. And I always believed it was the ultimate “magpie” bike…the bright shiny machine that would be the first to attract thieves.

Currently it’s equipped with Shimano 105, Cinelli 65s, a 3TTT 140mm stem and Novotech/Jalco/Vittoria 28 spoked wheels, kindly given to me by Kenny’s UPS workmate Flores. The seat is an Avocet O2, which is quickly becoming my favorite new saddle. Thanks to Pete at Brooklyn Bicycles for a quick and easy fix of the erratic right shifter, the gearing works like a dream.

I first noticed this frame in Condor’s Grays Inn road store in 1992. It’s pretty obvious why it was noticeable. It also had a twin, the negative splash (black with green flecks) which I also bought and turned into the winter bike with mudguards and everything. When I moved to America in 1994, I left this bike with my room mate and buddy from the Town & Country Club crew, Davis Wilkie. Davis, if you ever see this, let me know if you still have it or pictures of it?

Anyway, I bought his one first, equipped it with the SHimano/Mavic wheels I’d built while working at Day’s Cycles in Winchmore Hill, and then picked up an almost full set of Shimano 600-EX (the first line of Shimano Ultegra). Except for the brakes. I had to have the Dura Ace BR-7402 brakes for their aesthetic beauty. I still have those brakes calipers today (they’re on the Schwinn) and I will never, ever part with them. Nothing will ever come close to them as far as performance and looks go.

More information to come on this bike.