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and so it begins…

December 10th, 2009 Comments off

2004 Raleigh Competition, Deda Quattro, Deda Speciale

The first components to go on this new build are the Deda bars and stem.

This is a real departure for me and somewhat of an experiment. I have only ever used quill stems and the oft mentioned Cinelli 65 bars. The Deda Speciale are a squarer shape along the top, not offering the beautiful, gentle curve of the almost Pista-like 65s, and they also have a shallower drop (135mm opposed to (approx) 150mm) than the 65s.

The stem – Quattro, 130mm – is astoundingly light and flexible. I’ve currently got it set up to be flat, but if I need to raise the bar height, I can just flip the stem and get an entirely different angle. I’m not going to know how this turns out until there are other components to work with. But it’s a whole new adventure!

Can you even get silver steerer spacers?


December 9th, 2009 Comments off

One of my frustrations is the lack of polished or anodized silver parts available. Call me a traditionalist, but there’s always been something far more fetching and clean about the lines of silver. I don’t bemoan the amount of black decorating bikes these days – damn, some of them look F I N E. But for me, it’s silver.

But like steel, even this is making a comeback. My latest considerations are the Deda Speciale bar, the Quattro stem and the Metal Stick seat pin – all available in polished silver. I’m considering trying to get a hold of these for my latest build project (more on that later). Decisions and details to follow…

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