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the schwinn – finally finished?

December 16th, 2009 Comments off

Could it be? Could I finally be done with putting the finishing touches to the Schwinn Peloton? Bar tape – check. Tires I’m happy with? Check. Test ridden? Check. Oh.

So now what?

1999 Schwinn Peloton

What we have here is a new-old-stock 60cm 1999 Schwinn Peloton with stock Titec seatpin and an Origin headset. I’ll see how this headset survives – the first one worked itself loose on each of the first 4 rides I took with the bike and became (still is?) a concern. What drew me to this frame was it’s length – the top tube is 59.5cm, which allows me to really be (comfortably) stretched out. (The Condor, by contrast, is 58cm).

Equipped with a nearly complete Dura Ace 7700 group – the exceptions being the crankset (a perfect condition Ultegra, 170mm), the Dura Ace BR-7402 calipers (my brake of choice for 16 years) and the functional A520 pedals. Cinelli 65 (Criterium) bars and the X/E 130mm stem (X/A stems are just too damn expensive now). Wheels are Ksyrium Elites, with Vittoria Open Corsa CX 20c tires. And the seat is the Bontrager Selle San Marco that I’ve been so comfortable on for the last 8 years. Call me a creature of habit, but I’ve always (tried to) stick with something that works and that is comfortable for me.

She’s an absolute beauty. I’ve read many complaints about the paint work, and how easily chipped it is. These are valid complaints and unfortunately, Schwinn don’t ahve a record of the pantone color for this frame, so touch up paint is going to be trial and error. The other complaints I read about this frame were about the fork. So far, the fork has been fine – not too springy or harsh – but the headset has been a big issue. Whether this is is as a result of a different size standard (OneSpeedBiker has a very thorough piece about this) or it just being a really sh*tty headset, time will tell.

I took it out for its finished test ride yesterday, two laps of Prospect Park. It fared beautifully, rode like a dream. It rode much better than I did. Here’s to rideable weather again (the next week promises to be gross).

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The Schwinn

December 10th, 2009 Comments off

1999 Schwinn Peloton, Reynolds 853

This is my 2009 build project, after my lust for riding was reinvigorated by my son’s new found ability to ride, and stoked by my friends Mike, Kenny, Charlie and Eric.

It began with moving all of the Shimano Ultegra (600-EX) components from the Condor, and turned into a bargain hunting project. It is now almost entirely Dura Ace (the brakes are still 7402, my favorite brakes ever) except for the Ultegra crankset and the Mavic Krysium Elite wheels. Cinelli 130mm X/E stem and (of course) 65s for bars.

I still judge this as a work in progress. The initial headset was a total nightmare – every time I rode the bike, it worked itself loose. Eventually, it was replaced by the very knowledgeable, friendly, honorable and trustworthy Mr C’s, and the removed headset turned out to be badly pitted. Only time will tell if this new one (another Origin) will stand up. There’s no bar tape on it at the moment either – still working on my position. And the jury is still out on whether the white-striped tires work. This is another big frame – 69cm seat tube, and a nearly 60cm top tube. I love that, i feel so comfortable with it being so long, with being stretched out. And did I mention that the frame is incredibly light, and the fork – aluminum – is ridiculously weight free. Reynolds knew what they were doing when they created 853 tubing.

Besides the headset woes, the only gripe I have with this frame is how easily the paint chips on it. I swear – stare at it for too long and another paint chip will flake off.

I have to wait and see what happens with the headset now, but until that is resolved, this continues to be my top bike.