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the raleigh’s opening salvo

December 22nd, 2009 Comments off

Sram Rival group

The silver fanatic in me demanded this! I found a 2008 (I believe) Rival groupset, the line before everything started turning black, and it arrived yesterday. In near perfect condition. A couple of marks on the cranks, as is expected, but other than that, immaculate. I took everything out of the package and wiped it clean to prep it for the greasing and installation. (The cat was not a part of this set, by the way. That’s Zoe. Say hi Zoe.)

Sram Shifters, Deda bars and stem

First on, the shifters. This will be interesting – they flare outward naturally, much as the Dura Ace and Ultegra shifters are made to by being mounted on Cinelli 65s.

Sram bottom bracket

Next up, in goes the bottom bracket. Without the proper tool, though, I had to run down to Brooklyn Bicycles and have them tighten the cups in. It worked out a lot cheaper than buying the tool. For the moment, at least…

Sram Crankset

The crankset went on easily, but required quite a bit of tightening to remove any play. I’ll be very aware of keeping it properly tensioned.

Sram Rival drivetrain

Finally, for this part of the build, on went the front and rear derailleurs. Nice pieces. The seat tube needed a 31.8mm clamp for the braze on, and a few finicky adjustments of the clamp and derailleur positions, the cranks spun without any catching. So now the partly built Raleigh hangs from the wall, waiting for funds and also for decisions about what pedals, wheels and saddle will grace it in its completed state.

The brake calipers seem very nice, but I doubt that I’ll be using them. I’m still utterly in love (lust?) with the Dura Ace 7402s, and will wait and see what can happen with finding some before I make any decisions on that front. I have time. There’s still a ton of snow on the ground and, I think, more to come…

Current build weight is a hair under 9 pounds/4kg.

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